The intention of the Carbon Economy Series and the Clean Economy Series lectures and workshops is to help the average homeowner, land owner, food gardener, farmer, rancher, business owner, student, government entity, institution, NGO, and landscape professional get more value from their practice.
We teach how to increase yield with no pollution, to use waste as a resource, to use less energy, decrease the need to earn, to become more resilient, to be more sustainable, to be more self reliant and to grow food while returning biology and vitality to the soil.

Clean Economy Summit

Clean Economy Summit 2016 Albuquerque, NM Sandia Preparatory School Saturday January 30 and Sunday January 31, 2016     The Carbon Economy Series is committed to teaching lessons in building a more sustainable future.  Our  presenters and participants are highly intelligent and successful people that represent a broad demographic.  Each year the comment we hear the most is…