The Local Energy Technology Transfer workshop

March 27 & 28 2015

The Local Energy Technology Transfer workshop is designed to inform and empower participants with innovative ideas and immediate actions that move us toward a more efficient and sustainable future.  The sun is beaming energy at us every day we can harvest it and use it.  It is clean (100 % renewable), local (provides jobs), efficient (70% is not lost on the way to your house) and cheap (we are not paying stock holders or CEOs, we own it).  This is a win/win because we own the grid, as an owner owned company we go gain the benefits and also go from simply a consumer to also a producer.

The workshop will have leaders in the renewable energy field talk about how to set up a municipal grid that takes us away from coal which ruins our environment (in both mining and burning) and independent from the utility companies that profit from us with no commitment to efficiency and guaranteed cost plus profit no matter how archaic, wasteful and dirty their system is.

During the workshop we will study the Fort Zed project and connect with their experts to create the strategy to make Santa Fe energy independent.  FortZED is all about energy. FortZED connects the public, private and academic sectors so they can work together to experiment with new technology that saves money and energy and helps create jobs locally. When successful, FortZED can be copied in other communities around the globe.

  • Energy is created cleanly: transitioning Fort Collins to a renewable energy supply, which includes natural gas
  • Energy is sourced locally: encouraging local generation of energy to benefit the Northern Colorado region economically, supporting local jobs, new technologies and energy security
  • Energy is used efficiently: reducing waste and increasing energy efficiency through the promotion of behavior change through community collaboration



Woodward helped create the Colorado Clean Energy Cluster

We will set up an action plan to create and energy company that serves Santa Fe Community College, Institute of American Indian Arts, Rancho Viejo and Bicycle Technologies International .  This will open the way to begin to get energy independence from PNM who has wasted, polluted and over charged New Mexico residents for far too long.

We will also study Fort Collins and the genius grid concept that has been pioneered in Europe.  There is now a decentralized system on the ground that enables utilities to integrate and manage conventional generators, including locally owned, ultra-efficient fossil-fuel generators, along with high amounts of renewable energy (RE), resulting in cleaner, cheaper and more reliable electricity. The ability to leverage Distributed Energy Resources (DER), storage and efficiency along the entire electric-power system value chain will define the future of the industry.

We will study the “Genius Grid” like that of Denmark, where all generators are required to support the grid. The largest operating cost of a utility is power quality, but in Denmark it is provided at low cost by simply allowing independent generators to help when the grid needs help.

$ 10 Friday Night Talk:


10.00 $

$ 99 Saturday Workshop:


99.00 $




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