Clean Economy Summit

Clean Economy Summit 2016 Albuquerque, NM
Sandia Preparatory School

Saturday January 30 and Sunday January 31, 2016



The Carbon Economy Series is committed to teaching lessons in building a more sustainable future.  Our  presenters and participants are highly intelligent and successful people that represent a broad demographic.  Each year the comment we hear the most is “I love your series I’m sorry I missed that one workshop, I was busy that day.  Is there a workshop that has a bunch of topics at once?”  Well the answer is yes, we created the Clean Economy Summit for you and for this reason.  



$ 99 Saturday Workshop (Includes lunch catered by Farm & Table):


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99.00 $

$ 40 Sunday Workshop:


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40.00 $
The weekend will be packed with local talent covering topics such as: students’ rights and sensible drug policy, Permaculture Design, the economic and medicinal uses of hemp, sustainability and education, practical ways that we can shrink our carbon footprint.  A delicious gourmet lunch will be included with Saturday’s registration. A locally owned, farm to table, restaurant that uses us organic and local food, will cater it.
We will also have a social mixer on Saturday after the talks with local wine and snacks. 

Schedule for the Clean Economy Summit

Saturday 8:30 am- 5 pm – Cost $99 Includes catered lunch and social mixer

8:30 a.m.: Registration
3:15-5 p.m.  -Session 4  
5:15p.m. – Social mixer with wine and snacks

Sunday 9 am-12 pm – Cost $40

9 am Registration 
12:15 Closure of the Clean Economy Summit


Day 1: Jan 30th


Session 1 – Harvesting Rainwater and Sunlight to Enhance Soil Carbon with Christian Meuli, M.D


Christian Meuli, M.D., is a native New Mexican and grandson of a conservation rancher. He retired from family medicine in 2011. Forty years ago he bought the first 8 acres of La Resolana in Edgewood, 55 miles southwest of Santa Fe. Here he began observing the patterns of the seasons and how rainwater flows. Permaculture enhanced his pattern understanding and led to experiments with passive and active rainwater collection, passive solar energy, alternative housing, learning more from his mistakes than successes.



Harvesting Rainwater and Sunlight to Enhance Soil Carbon

Using the simple approach of slowspreadsink the water, & shade the soil (from the sun and wind!) which will tie together my experiments with brush berms, woodchip berms, carbon sponges, the spreader drain, crenelated windbreaks, windberms, and forestry health. Dr. Meauli will also show active rainwater collection with various raintank designs and their integration into the landscape at La Resolana.

Dr. Mauli has been working over years with passive rainwater harvesting practices and how these enhance our carbon-poor desert soil’s ability to grow a variety of grasses, plants and trees. These plants harvest the generous sunlight of our high plains desert and share up to 60% of their photosynthesis (liquid carbon = sugar) with soil microbes, greatly enhancing the absorption of water into the living topsoil and creating a truly regenerative system. 

Session 2 – Hemp Bound: Hemp and all its uses.

A Live Event With Doug Fine

Could it really be true? Seventy-seven years of prohibition of one of humanity’s longest-utilized and most useful plants is ending? It is true. And just in the nick of time. Humanity desperately needs a natural fibers-based replacement for petro- and chemical-plastics, GMO-based foods, and fossil fuel-based energy.  Hemp is that replacement: two years of research by bestselling author Doug Fine shows that anything petroleum, chemicals and GMOs can do, hemp can do better. We’ll learn how to make it happen in the ground and in the economy.

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This 90-minute talk and slide show (plus Q&A), culled from two years of worldwide hemp research that led to the bookHemp Bound, is a playbook for reviving the hemp economy through a vertical, locavore 21st– Century processing model called Tri-cropping (utilizing one hemp harvest for three applications: seed oil, fiber and energy).

European digital age fiber processing and biomass energy production techniques, Chinese textile modes, and, most of all, Canadian seed oil techniques, are combined to finally turn the modern hemp industry into both a profitable and a sustainable one. Value added hemp applications stay in the production communities. Tri-cropping is garnering interest from Ohio to Slovenia. 

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Author, investigative journalist and solar-powered goat herder Doug Fine just researched this topic planet-wide, from Manitoba to Colorado. He begins the live event with a discussion of the architecture of the hemp plant's famed stronger-than-steel fibers, its nutritive superfood seed oil, and its potential as an energy source after 10,000 years of cultivation. The performance goes on to bring hemp's manifold digital age applications (and challenges) to large numbers of people who might (as yet) not be hemp-informed. The live event covers everything from the rigors of cultivation to hemp plastics and nanotechnology applications to nutrition to hemp construction. The slide show and talk details the economic, energy production, nutritional and environmentally restorative benefits of the plant to civilization worldwide.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered.

  • Just a little thing called Weaning from Petroleum (“Fill ‘er up with hemp”) and saving the planet.
  • The broad political power of hemp – everyone from Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to Patrick Leahy (D-VT) is working toward its legalization in 2014 (it passed the House in 2013 but the government shut down before the Senate vote).
  • A tractor made of hemp.
  • A Hemp limo ride.
  • The nutritive superfood that is hemp oil.
  • Hemp Clothes: at his events and interviews, Doug dresses entirely in homemade hemp clothes. Yep, entirely. Yes, we’re including the boxers.
  • Tree free paper: Can hemp save publishing? The challenge.
  • Hemp Construction: the carbon-neutral killer app already taking over Europe.
  • Hemp’s Comeback In Society In the Fields: Putting Small Farmers back to Work from North Dakota to Kentucky to Vermont to Oregon to Colorado to Ohio.
  • Hemp’s multi-billion dollar value to Canadian and Chinese farmers today, and to American and other worldwide farmers very soon.
  • Women in Hemp: Doug interviewed female hemp farmers, academics and processors from the Czech Republic to Belgium to Canada.
  • Hemp in ancient societies and early America: America’s first millionaires came from Kentucky hemp.
  • Cultivar Detective: Which hemp varieties will work best in America?
  • On the business side: who are the major hemp players today, and what does the sector landscape look in the short and medium term? (Hint: It’s growing 20% annually and there aren’t enough farmers cultivating to meet demand.)

Doug Fine Bio:

Doug Fine is a comedic investigative journalist, bestselling author, and solar-powered goat herder. Today, after two years of worldwide research, he’s here to talk about Hemp Bound. Published just as the U.S. has ended 77 years of hemp prohibition, it's a book Willie Nelson calls “a blueprint for the America of the future,” and Joel Salatin describes as using “science and humor [to craft] the most fun book you’ll ever read about the future.” The book and Doug’s talk describes re-launching the hemp industry via Tri-cropping: utilizing one harvest for oil, fiber and energy.

Prior to this latest book, Doug has reported from five continents for the Washington Post, Wired, Salon, The New York Times, Outside, and National Public Radio. His work from Burma was read into the Congressional Record (by none other than pro-hemp Senator Mitch McConnell).

Doug’s previous book, Too High to Fail: Cannabis and the New Green Economic Revolution, is a must-read that lays out a model for sustainable, locavore cannabis cultivation based on a year he spent following one Emerald Kingdom flower from farm to patient. Before that, in 2008, he wrote the bestseller Farewell, My Subaru, an account of his efforts to remove petroleum from his life while not getting too badly outsmarted by his goats. Because of his experience researching these books with overlapping themes, Doug cares a lot about a sustainable future for small farmers. He’s been traveling the world telling everyone from Conan to Belgian national television about the importance of sustainable, outdoor hemp cultivation. The goal is to get hemp back in the soil nationwide. Books, films, live events: Twitter: @organiccowboy

Doug Fine Links:

Recent Conan O’Brien and Tonight Show Appearances: 

National C-Span Airing of Hemp Bound live event: 

Doug’s testimony for revising international drug war before the United Nations:

TED Talk, Why We Need Goat herding in the Digital Age: 

Five short hemp vids, plus books, films and live event schedule and booking:

Twitter: @organiccowboy

Session 3 – Surviging the 21st Century – An Educational Challengeby Chuck Buxbaum 


Chuck received a master's degree in Forest Resource Management from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, where he studied changes in nutrient cycling in Adirondack forest ecosystems.  Prior to studies in upstate New York, Chuck worked as a waste management planning consultant to the New York City Department of Sanitation in the early 1990s.  He received his B.S. in Molecular Biology from Cornell University in 1987.  Chuck grew up in and environmentally conscious household.  In 1972, Chuck's mom started a neighborhood recycling center in their Brooklyn garage — Chuck would pull his little red wagon up and down the street collecting bags of cans and bundles of newspapers from all his neighbors.  42 years later, Chuck is doing the same with his students and colleagues.


Part 1: Surviving the 21st Century

There has been a veritable deluge of articles and books on education in the new century, with a storm of discussion at conferences and in the editorial pages of newspapers and journals, and a heat-wave of debate and argument about skills, topics and priorities that educators need to develop.  Much of the "new" theory focuses on uses of technology and digital media literacy, and the "same old, same old" call for teaching critical thinking and problem solving.

Where does preparing our youth to survive in a climatically destabilized, food-scarce, drought-stricken, and ecologically depauperate world fit it? This issue is not directly or is barely addressed in the sources I have examined.  In our discussion we will attempt to answer this practical and urgent question. What are the life skills and knowledge fundamentals that our children need to learn.  How do we teach the causes and consequences and solutions to our changing environment with both realism and optimism?  

Gardening in Albuquerque's Schools

Delaney Heileman, President of the Sandia Prep Greendevils student environmental activism club, would like to present her project to bring school gardening to one of the poorest elementary schools in Albuquerque.  She has single-handedly raised the money and material to get the garden built; she has navigated the bureaucracy of Albuquerque Public Schools; and has garnered broad support and admiration with her positive and no-nonsense approach.  Delaney will talk about her motivation, her efforts, her commitment and her vision.



Clean Economy Summit -DAY 2: Jan 31st.


Session 4: From Advocacy to Action: How Students and Citizens Can Exercise Their Rights, Influence Policymakers, and Make their Voices Heard in the Legislative Process by Brett Phelps


bw brett phelps

Brett Phelps is a law student, beard enthusiast, and longtime drug policy reform advocate from Farmington, New Mexico. As the chapter leader of Students for Sensible Drug Policy at the University of New Mexico School of Law, he is part of an international grassroots network of students and young people working to end the war on drugs. Prior to law school, Brett was an instructor at New Mexico Highlands University, where he taught English composition. Brett holds an M.A. in English from New Mexico Highlands University and a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Nevada. He is also an avid skier and an organic gardener.              


From Advocacy to Action: How Students and Citizens Can Exercise Their Rights, Influence Policymakers, and Make their Voices Heard in the Legislative Process

I came into law school with the goal of changing our society’s failed drug laws, but with no idea what that actually looked like or how to do it. What I have learned is that success in the fight for sensible drug policy—or any other important social movement—is not defined by a single victory. Broad changes can only come as a result of many small wins at the local and state level. This presentation will discuss the value of incrementalism in realizing largescale social change, and how individuals can engage in the political process to positively impact their communities.

Session 5: The medicinal value of HEMP CBD oil 

by. Hilda Luz Chavez, ND. Traditional Naturopath – NMMCP CONSULTING   

“ Mindful Compassionate Patient care for the  Medical Cannabis patients in Southern NM”


A traditional Naturopath, Dr Hilda has 37+ years experience in the field of Natural  Medicine.  She is a third generation Curandera  – Sobadora and a Master Massage Therapist and Massage  Therapy Instructor in Texas and New Mexico.

A pioneer,  a leader and healer in the El Paso- Las Cruces area, Dr. Hilda was the Director of the El PASO WELLNESS CENTER from 1983 to 2002 and Director of the El Paso School of Massage from 1986 to 2001.

In 2000, Dr Hilda experienced her own health crisis and has been on a personal healing journey ever since. Ultimately in 2007, this journey led her to become a patient and patient advocate in the NM MEDICAL CANNABIS PROGRAM.

Healers and doctors are NOT immune to personal health crisis and she knows firsthand the challenges with getting proper care and support from the medical community. Determined to continue to offer compassionate care and to make a difference to the NM Medical Cannabis patients, she facilitates this process for patients in collaboration with other cannabis friendly practitioners.

Presently, in private practice in Las Cruces at NMMCP CONSULTING, Dr Hilda provides patient care, education, integrative services and Naturopathic support to patients in general but specifically  to those involved in the NM MEDICAL CANNABIS PROGRAM. Herbal Medicine including Cannabis has always been a part of her life ever since she was a child. Her maternal grandmother taught her the value of herbal medicine including Cannabis remedies.

Dr Hilda,  considers it is an honor and a privilege to be a part of a compassionate collaborative group of practitioners in Southern NM. Dr Hilda provides herbal and nutritional consultations and Naturopathic care as well as other healing services.  She educates her patients, other practitioners and the community at large about the value of the three CANNABIS Strains :


For years, Dr Hilda has educated patients and practitioners about the value of Hemp. In 2014 she did  what she could to petition the Governor of NM to pass the hemp bill.  Unfortunately it was vetoed by the Governor. Hemp has over 50,000 uses and is valued and used all over the world. New Mexico is the perfect state to grow  Hemp, the weather is perfect all year long. Hemp would boost the economy of NM and bring much needed jobs to New Mexicans.

Dr Hilda has created her own remedies out of the hemp oil, utilizing the medicinal value of CBD.  The  Cannabinoid CBD, is non- psychoactive and has been proven to have many curative and medicinal properties. Hemp Oil is legal and has been imported from Canada and other countries for years.

Dr Hilda’s mission, along with other Hemp Advocates in NM, is to grow HEMP and have HEMP legalized in NM, so NM and others can benefit from the diverse uses of this plant.  HEMP IS HARMLESS.

Dr Hilda  practices and lives by the HIPPOCRATIC  OATH  and upholds the 6 principals of Naturopathic Heal

  1. Nature has the power to heal
  2. Treat the cause, not the effect
  3. Educate and treat the whole person
  4. First and foremost, DO NO HARM
  5. Encourage Prevention
  6. Act as a TEACHER!

Naturopathic Medicine, is the oldest form of medicine based on the philosophy that the body has it’s own innate ability to fight disease and heal itself. Naturopaths are teachers. First and foremost, we do no harm and we improve health and treat illness by treating the patient holistically, tapping into the person’s own internal body, mind and spirit.

Naturopathy utilizes a blend of different modalities, all attempting to restore the body to health, in the most natural, non invasive way possible. Naturopathy can include, nutrition, herbs, manual therapies, massage, hydrotherapy. As well as other modalities,  such as aromatherapy, homeopathy, yoga and acupuncture.

Dr Hilda lives in Southern NM and practices in Las Cruces. She also  presents workshops and classes and does phone consultations as requested.

For further information you can contact:

Dr Chavez’ Assistant: Annemarie Losinno at 575-496-3360 / Email: [email protected]


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